Maracatu Percussion Agbe & Mineiro


This lesson pack combines the agbê (shekere) and the mineiro (ganzá/shaker). We will explore basic technique and patterns for both instruments as they are used in a traditional maracatu context.



Lesson 1) This lesson covers the basic techniques of the agbê (shekere) and how it’s used in maracatu.
Lesson 2) This lesson explores how some of the maracatu groups use 6/8 patterns in the agbê to create tension in the music.
Lesson 3) This lessons explores techniques for getting bass tones out of the agbê while playing in the maracatu style.
Lesson 4) Maracatu Mineiro Lesson #1: Basic technique and 4 pattern variations. This lesson covers technique and how to hold the Mineiro. We will cover 4 basic patterns used in the traditional maracatu groups from Brazil.
Lesson 5) This lesson explores all 4 of the pattern variations at a typical maracatu tempo.

Total lesson time approx 28 minutes