Maracatu Gongue


The Gonguê is one of the most important instruments in a maracatu group. The gonguê plays a repetitive pattern which acts as the “clave” and is the glue that holds the group together and helps add energy to the rhythm. However, the musician also has a lot of freedom to improvise around this clave pattern within a specific context.



In this lesson pack, we will learn the basic gonguê patterns as well as many of the variations played by the traditional maracatu groups.
This lesson pack includes 6 video lessons:
Lesson 1) Basic gonguê patterns
Lesson 2) Exploring Variations 1
Lesson 3) Exploring Variations 2
Lesson 4) Exploring Variations 3
Lesson 5) Using two gonguê players
Lesson 6) Demonstration video of a gonguê improvisation
Total lesson time: 26 minutes