Maracatu Caixa – Part 2


This lesson pack builds upon Maracatu Caixa Part #1. This course explores the Chamada (call) which is similar to a roll off. The chamada calls the entire maracatu group into a groove.



Lesson 1) This is lesson covers one of the most popular chamadas used in maracatu. This lesson also covers the “bridge”, a rhythmic cadence that bridges together two parts of a song or arrangement.
Lesson 2) This lesson brings the 3 elements of the caixa chamada (call) together.
Lesson 3) This lesson puts the entire caixa chamada in context by continuing with the groove. This includes 4 bar and 8 bar play a long patterns.

Total lesson time approx 23 minutes.

Be sure to checkout Maracatu Caixa – Part 1 before diving into Part2.