Pandeiro Lesson #3 – Bass Tones

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Now it’s time to focus on Zone 2 of the pandeiro.  This is where we will get our bass tones.  We will explore two ways of getting a bass tone.  The first and most important tone comes from the meat part of your thumb, just about 1″ inside the frame from the rim.  Make sure your hand and thumb is loose.  You need to create a whip effect with your hand/thumb.  You can’t do this if you’re stiff.  You might need to practice for hours, trying to perfect this sound and making it effortless and consistent.


The second bass tone we’ll explore is with the finger tips.  I’ve found this one to be the most difficult.  You’ll need to adjust your hand quite a bit until you find the “sweet spot” of the drum and the right curve in your hand.  I usually strike with my middle and ring finger when getting this bass tone.  Your finger tip bass tones need to have an equal sound as your thumb bass tone.  This is hard to accomplish on a steady basis.  PRACTICE!


Bass Tone Exercises


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