Do you email PDF’s of the exercises for download?
No, I don’t email pdf’s of exercises. I have embedded all of the transcriptions of each exercise into the video lesson and provided full PDF scores for most of the exercises that are downloadable.

Can I download the videos?  
Downloading the videos is not a feature offered.  Your monthly subscription gives you access to all videos in the course.  Once your membership is cancelled you will no longer have access to these lessons.

Can I download the MP3 practice loops?  
Currently N/A

Is my credit card info safe?
Absolutely. We don’t collect any of your personal information. All purchases are made through STRIPE which is one of the most trusted merchants currently on the market.


How to Use this Site:

I’ve designed this course to help keep you on track to developing a healthy practice routine and an accurate technique which will enable you to improve your playing.  There’s challenging material for absolute beginners and experienced players.


Don’t be in a rush!  Make sure you master each video lesson before moving to the next one.  I’ve recorded most of these lessons at a pretty slow tempo so everyone can internalize the exercise.  If you’re able to play along with me in the video it’s probably time that you pause the lesson and put your metronome on and try the exercise at faster tempos.


You can use this site on any device anywhere that connects to wifi or cell data.


You can slow down and speed up videos by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom right side of the video course player.  Try it out, it’s pretty cool!


Ask Questions!  Don’t be afraid to start a new topic or ask questions in the Members Only Forum.  Take advantage of this feature.